Selling Luxury- One Day WorkShop

Course Overview

Understanding the psychology of the luxury buyer and learning to implement tools and strategies to sell to this demanding consumer.

What You Will Learn

  1. Sell using a structured framework to maximise conversion
  2. Understanding the difference between traditional and modern sales methods
  3. Focus on the customer's needs to get maximum results
  4. Phrase language efficiently when selling
  5. Using effective modern selling frameworks
  6. Use the power of psychology to optimise sales activities
  7. Use body language effectively to enhance communication skills

Confidence, grace & style

Since the industrial revolution, the world of luxury has gone through major expansion and developments, leading to the production of the vast number of products and services that we enjoy today. As the number of products, ideas and concepts have increased, so has the need to engage and inform the luxury customer. Sales skills have become a vital part of any successful business. Psychology is one of the main components of successful selling, as is an emphasis on customer engagement; which is responsible for long term profitability and brand loyalty. This course encompasses many exercises, roleplays, and guidelines to help the participants master selling skills and start applying their newly acquired knowledge to their professional lives straight away.

Why People Buy?

  1. What are sales myths?
  2. What attitudes work best to make the most conversions?
  3. What is the relationship between sales and marketing?
  4. What makes people accept a salesperson's offer?
How to Structure a Sales Pitch
  1. What formula works best?
  2. How to create a loyal customer by delivering a pitch directly targeted at them
  3. How to respond to a customer's needs
Modern Approaches to Selling
  1. What are the best strategies to use in business-to-business sales activities?
  2. How to establish rapport and gain the trust of the customer
  3. What are the differences between modern and traditional sales techniques and how can you take advantage of these new trends?
  4. How does a successful salesperson cope with changes in modern trading?
Presenting Yourself Using Psychology
  1. How first impressions work and how to take advantage of it
  2. How to read the body language of a customer and use your own body language to emphasise key points
  3. How to improve your listening skills
  4. How to appear more confident

Other Information

Cost: $1199 + HST
Duration: 1 Days (10 am to 5 pm with one hour lunch break)
Class Size: 1-3 participants
Registration Deadline: 4 weeks from first day of workshop We offer a 10% discount for each additional participant.

Payment Options:

  1. Individuals wishing to pay through Visa/Mastercard/Amex can call us at 647-748-7770
  2. For organizations wishing to pay through a company cheque, please request an Invoice and mail a cheque pay able to " 1437467 Ontario Inc" and mail to: 4789 Yonge Street, Suite 1014, North York, ON M2N 0G3

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