Luxury Ambassador Program- Two Days WorkShop

Course Overview

Luxury service is different, and the skills required by your staff are also different. Affluent and wealthy customers have high expectations for the service they receive and base their decisions on emotion and engagement. However once engaged, the affluent customer can become one of the most loyal clients your business can attract.

What You Will Learn

  1. Turn every contact into a meaningful, positive experience.
  2. Build engaging long-term relationships and enhance customer loyalty.
  3. Connect emotionally with affluent customers
  4. Personalise each customer interaction.
  5. Learn the art of observation.
  6. Build a relationship of trust with the customer
  7. Stop being a service associate and become an Ambassador.

Creating unforgettable experiences

Designed for Luxury Professionals

The world of luxury is a world unto itself, and training on the concepts, procedures, and techniques that govern it are scarce. Luxury Academy's Ambassador Programme is different; it is delivered by trainers who inherently understand the affluent consumer, their psyche, needs and desires rather than by sales people or past employees of luxury brands. Additionally, it is specifically designed for professionals in the luxury sector. The course covers everything that a Luxury Ambassador needs to represent their brand effectively.

Relationships & Engagement

The relationship between the luxury business and the affluent customer is a step beyond the usual service encounter; every customer brings expectations to the business in terms of the service they will receive, but the luxury customers' expectations are considerably higher. Not only this, but each service interaction adds another layer to the quality perceptions the customer holds of your brand; whether those perceptions are positive or negative will depend upon the service received.

Associate to Ambassador

The luxury business requires not service associates, but Ambassadors, experts who represent your business with distinction. Like their diplomatic counterparts, Ambassadors of luxury understand how to connect with different customers by discovering their unique desires. This skill requires passion, perseverance, empathy, daring, and curiosity. Through personalised, bespoke service each and every time, Ambassadors build trust, loyalty, and lasting relationships.

Personalised & Bespoke

For luxury businesses, the answer is to deliver a more personalised, bespoke experience, and with this comes an unprecedented opportunity for relationship growth and development. In the Ambassador Programme, we will guide your team to explore the components which make up luxury service. The universe of the luxury business is no place for traditional training tactics, the Ambassador Programme offers practical strategies for connecting with customers.

Modules Covered

  1. Understanding Luxury
  2. Perfect First Impressions
  3. Grooming & Image
  4. Body Language
  5. Poise & Movement
  6. Handling Complaints
  7. Language of Luxury
  8. Storytelling

Other Information

Cost: $2199 + HST
Duration: 2 Days (10 am to 5 pm with one hour lunch break)
Class Size: 1-3 participants
Registration Deadline: 4 weeks from first day of workshop We offer a 10% discount for each additional participant.

Payment Options:

  1. Individuals wishing to pay through Visa/Mastercard/Amex can call us at 647-748-7770
  2. For organizations wishing to pay through a company cheque, please request an Invoice and mail a cheque pay able to " 1437467 Ontario Inc" and mail to: 4789 Yonge Street, Suite 1014, North York, ON M2N 0G3

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